My daughter Selma is in Peace Camp this week and she has a very favorite counselor named Ariel who, I’m guessing, is about 15. She wanted to give her a little present on the last day, so I quickly made her this kerchief using some flag yarn I got just today from the Crochetville Sea of Yarn Swap.

Here’s how I did it.

1 oz. or less worsted weight yarn (I used some vintage Dupont Orlon I snagged at Value Village, the orlon made the kerchif a bit heavy, it would also be nice in a lighter-weight cotton, but I went with it because I liked the color combination)
1 ball carrying weight novelty yarn–I used Red Heart Tiki in “Aruba”.

Tools: Size H hook, and yarn needle


Chain 4, DC in 4th chain from hook. Chain 3, turn.

Row 2, (do not skip a stitch) DC in stitch right next to hook, and DC all the way across. 2DC in last stitch (turning chain)

Repeat Row 2 18 times. When you’ve finished the last row, chain 42, turn, sc back to the corner of the kerchif and fasten off.

Join yarn with a slip stitch to the opposite corner. Chain 42, turn, sc back to the corner and fasten off.

Weave in ends.

You can block the ties so they lie flat, but I actually like the curly look.

Let me know if you try the pattern and have any suggestions!

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