Mariners’ Stitch & Pitch
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My son Jay just turned eight months old, and my husband, a big baseball fan, was chagrined to learn that I had taken him to his first major league game last night in Seattle. Why? Because it was Stitch and Pitch night with the Seattle Mariners!

The evening was great fun–the weather was wonderful–I was sitting among 1600 friendly knitters (and a few crocheters). The mariners did a great job including the knitting fans in the game–the mascot, a moose, threw balls of yarn to the fans; there was yarn trivia on the big screen, and they showed us all knitting throughout the night.

Many local yarn shops had tables set up with things for sale, coupons, and free yarn swag. There was also a group called Knitters Anonymous which, it turns out, encourages, rather than discourages stash building with their discount card and growing participating list of local yarn shops. (I admit it, I joined.)

As I was leaving–after the 7th inning stitch–an older woman in a mechanized wheelchair came up to my friend Hans who was pushing Jay in the stroller. She said “you’re the last baby of the night!” and handed him an adorable pair of crocheted Mariners baby booties! They kept Jay’s feet cozy all the way home. I wish I had gotten to thank her… so if anyone knows this generous hooker, please let me know so I can do so.

Oh–I was working on another kerchief while I was there, which I have almost finished (I want to embellish it with a flower. I’ll post a picture soon).

Jay’s first baseball game!