Apparently there’s a group of, yes, LEGO enthusiasts out there and they have message boards and web sites where they build things–structures, machines, etc. and share pictures, video…

And… there’s a guy named Tom Johnson who has bult a mechanized lego knitting-noddy. Yes, now you don’t have to crank out your own i-cord… you can get the kids in the neighborhood to make you a knitting robot! Here’s Mr. Johnson’s newsgroup post about how he made the thing.

I’d like to know how he got the idea? In case you haven’t seen enough there’s actually a really cool video of the machine working–the soundtrack gives it a very dramatic mood.

Thanks to my brother John Markos for alerting me to this technological marvel. He let’s me know whenever the tech world and the fiber world intersect in new and strange ways.

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Who Knew? A lego-built knitting robot