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I got a mannaquin for Christmas–yeah! We finally got it put together last night. My daughter Selma wanted to name it Barbie, but I decided to call her Amanda.

Amanda’s wearing the first modular crochet garment I’ve created… No great creativity here–I followed Ms. Copeland’s schematic pretty closely because I wanted to learn the process. It’s made with aoubt 1 1/2 skeins of Wool-Ease. The vest came together quickly and easily–about two evening’s work. I love how the ribbing hugs the body. It’s a little short vest meant to be worn over a shirt–but I Amanda looks cute with it as is… It might look nice with just a cami underneath too… I’ll have to try that.

I may make a modular dress next for Selma… Copeland has a great tip for making a fitted bodice with a less fitted skirt–she just does the top of the dress in ribbed single crochet and the skirt in half-double or double crochet.

Thanks to everyone who’s been sending me their great modular crochet project links. I’ll try and get some more up here soon.

Here’s a link to a poncho Dee (of Crochet with Dee) made published using the modular concept.

I’ve written some notes at crochetville about how I went about making the vest… I believe you have to be a member to read it, but signing up is easy and it’s a great group!

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