After a long weekend at my parents where I was blocked from my e-mail for a couple of days by their firewall and didn’t get much knitting done because of all the activity, my sore wrists have been feeling very good. I came home to find that James had installed an amazing adjustable keyboard and mouse tray to my computer table. So now my wrists are even happier!

Olympic Team FO Update–I finished stitching a vest (will sew it together tomorrow) and I finished a couple of swatches I need to send in ASAP. Socks went untouched. But since they haven’t been started, perhaps that’s ok.

Planning for my Closing Ceremonies Finishing Party continues… I got to talk this weekend with folk musician and chef Beppo Gambetti who hails from the Torino region. He gave me some ideas of appropriate appetizers to serve.

Happy Wrists!