A suprise package arrived in the mail the other day–the kind folks at Wooly Bully (“wild and wooly”) sent me a HighArt Apron to try out. I’ve seen these for quite some time in magazines, but I hadn’t had the chance to try it out… The advantage? You’re sitting and knitting and you stand up without thinking–you don’t drag your ball of yarn across the floor–you may drop your needles if you haven’t stuffed them in the apron–but hopefully, your work won’t reach the ground. Also, if you’re someone who wants to stand and knit (which I do frequently when I’m teaching classes or waiting in line), it is much easier than holding a ball under your arm or even pulling out of a bag on your shoulder. The apron has lots of pockets, some with zippers–there’s a big slash pocket to store your working ball–needle holders and a tool pouch. The Apron scores a lot of points for style too–cleverly chosen fabrics (like kilt tartans and zebra stripes) elevate the apron above a mere utility garment. I like wearing it out.

When not wearing it apron-style, you can also sling it over your shoulder. The size limits you to pretty much storing one ball of yarn and small-medium-sized projects, but who really walks around while knitting huge sweaters or afghans anyway?

Oh by the way–that’s my cousin Johanna wearing the apron in the picture. She just graduated from The University of Kansas with a degree in Textile Design (her specialty is indigo dyeing), and she’s spending the summer at our house. We’ve got lots of great projects planned–we’ll keep you posted!

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Wooly Bully!