Grandma’s Bed Slippers
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They look a little elfin, don’t they… Well at least you can’t see how badly my legs need shaving or how badly my feet need a pedicure!

Grandma Jean had her 90th birthday on August 9th, and the whole family gathered in Menomonie, WI for a big birthday/reunion.

It was tons of fun–we stayed at a big old victorian house, I arranged for Jenny–an amazing caterer to come and make our meals–she did grilled top-your-own pizza and homemade crank ice cream (with a real custard base, yum!)

Anyway, last year, Grandma had asked me to make her some new bed socks–she wears slippers to bed (over socks) to keep her feet warm. I finally got around to starting right before our trip, which worked out well, because I could measure her feet. She wanted them on the loose side (she wears a 6, I wear an 8) because she puts socks under them, so these should be just right. She also wanted them to be machine washable. Jennifer, an amazing knitter and former yarn store employee, recommended Plymoth Encore. It’s a mostly wool blend, that’s machine washable on cold, it’s very soft, and nice to work with. (I got the pair out of one ball with quite a bit leftover).

I looked around for slipper patterns online and didn’t find one I liked exactly, but found enough inspiration to come up with these. Very simple, all garter stitch, one piece construction, crochet finishing.

Here’s the Pattern.

Grandma’s Bed Slippers