I decided to pick up and start working the sleeves of the cardi–since I wasn’t sure whether or not the sweater was long enough, I did the Knit2tog bind off. So if I decided I wanted to make it longer, I could easily pick up where I left off… Laziness and not being able to find my other needle also led me to try the magic loop method for knitting the sleeves (I hadn’t ever seen it done, tho’ I’d heard talk, and it sounded mysterious enough. I’m normally a 2 circs kind of gal, and usually do most stuff on my Denise needles, but they were slowin’ me down this time, so I went out and bought this 40″ addi turbo–long so I could try the sweater on without taking it off the needles–size 10 1/2, which I’ve been using in the whole sweater.)

I actually accidentally “unvented” the magic loop in June when I was making a mobïus neck warmer. It was a bit of a stretch to get all the stitches around the needle even when looped, so I just pulled out a bit somewhere in the middle. I had no idea this was the famous “magic loop.” Then this evening, at Adega in Silver Spring–where local knitters go on odd Tuesdays to drink wine, stitch, bitch, etc.–I mentioned I might want to try the magic loop on the sleeves and had anyone done it. I was surprised (and a little underwhelmed) to discover what a simple concept it is…

Basically, you just tug excess needle out to form a little, well, loop in the middle of your round. It makes the round feel like you’re knitting on two separate needles instead of one long connected one. When you get to the loop, you pull a new one out somewhere else. No, really, that’s it.

It’s working fine for this sleeve, tho’ I miss the ability I have with my denises to change needle sizes at whim (I think I want the sleeve ribbing to be on a smaller needle).

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Where’s the Magic?