We’ve been having Seattle weather here in Maryland, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s made me realize how much that climate and the beautiful surroundings became a part of me the eight years we lived there. I was walking back from taking Jay to the park, and it literally was misting. I felt rejuvenated, soaking it up, the grey skies seemed comforting–no need to squint.

Just one day of cloudiness had neighbors moaning here in Takoma Park. In Seattle, no one complains about the clouds, and they don’t use umbrellas (bumbershoots). I had to chuckle when I arrived through the mist to pick up Selma from the bus yesterday afternoon, and folks were standing under umbrellas. (We don’t have downpours very often in Seattle–just steady light rains).

In Seattle we celebrate the rare visits of the sun, we have optomistic names for cloudy weather–instead of “mostly cloudy” Seattle weather reporters will say “there will be sun breaks today!” People will talk about whether or not “the mountain” (Mt. Rainier) is “out” (i.e. visible) There’s another mountain, Mt. Baker, to the north of the city that’s only visible about 10 days per year–it’s almost like a gift to see it.

Selma and I are reading Pollyanna before bed these days–and I’m sure Pollyanna would be glad for the clouds because “it will make the return of the sun all the nicer!”

One Misty Moisty Morning…