I have a babysitter who comes four mornings a week to play with Jay while I work. While they’re together–going to the park, or story time at the library, I sort of have a value system of what’s “worthwhile” to do while I’m paying someone else to play with Jay. Things that I can’t do around him–writing, meetings, phone meetings, etc. are at the top of the list. Housework is at the bottom. (Even crocheting and knitting, I usually save for other times, unless I’m on a deadline.) However, I love to try and get house stuff done when I can’t be doing anything else. For instance, when I put Jay down for his nap after lunch, I’m stuck upstairs for about 10 minutes until he settles down. I’ve decided that this is the best time to fold clothes. In fact, I make myself do it. At least one basket. This tiny 10 minutes of my day has made the laundry flow in the house immensely better. Because before, I’d put off folding clothes for any other activity.

Today, when I came upstairs from my studio to make a cup of tea, I played a little game. See how much I could do in the four minutes it takes for the tea to steep. (If I were to go back downstairs, I promise, I’d forget about the tea getting busy with something else). In that four minutes, I emptied the sink of dishes, and sorted through some dirty clothes, hurrah! Isn’t tea time fun?

Ok, back to work…