Knit Witch
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We had a neighborhood pumpkin carving party tonight… Here’s my contribution–actually, James carved. I never carve, I just drew the picture. Even as a kid, my dad did the carving for me, whereas my brother liked to carve his own. John told me today on the phone that I always liked mean-faced pumpkins and he liked happy-faced ones. Funny, I don’t remember it that way–I do remember liking very traditional jack-o-lanterns–round instead of tall with triangle eyes and nose, chunky square teeth.

I still have to make a “Lilly’s purple plastic purse” costume for Selma–mouse ears, tail, golden crown, red boots, etc. Jay will be a bumblebee–a costume I made for Selma when she was two. Thank goodness for recycling! Speaking of witch which, I’ve adopted Selma’s witch costume–the cape is a perfect shawlette, so I’ll be wearing it and her hat to hand out candy…

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Knit Witch