Debbie’s Pie

Debbie’s Pie Originally uploaded by plainsight. Debbie, one of the knitters at SSK (Silver Spring Knitters, our weekly gathering), is actually a chocoholic. Last night she had hot chocolate and chocolate cake at the same. time. (I also am chocolate

Web 2.0 … The Machine is Us/ing Us

If you ever wondered what Web 2.0 is all about, check out this piece put together by an anthropologist. Thanks to my brother for the link. (It is he who keeps me up to date on all things technological).

Knitting for Therapy turns into High-End Cooperative Business

This article in Reuters is making the rounds today, and you can see and buy the beautiful creations made by the cooperative online directly from them (or through the Sundance and National Geographic Catalogs). The women creating the designs often

Swatching Balls and Color Cards from Lornas Laces

Swatching Balls and Color Cards from Lornas Laces Originally uploaded by plainsight. I got this box of loveliness in the mail late last week. It’s tiny little balls of Lorna’s Laces for swatching, plus all the color cards! My mind

"Baby, It’s Cold Outside!"

That’s what my two-year-old, Jay, sings when we step out on a particularly brisk day. Today, the thermometer read 12 degrees when we were getting ready to go. My new hat kept me warm. If you’ve been to the Fair

Book Review: When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters

I got this little book in the mail yesterday: When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters: An Emergency Survival Guide. It’s written by teachers at New York’s Purl Soho yarn shop. It’s “an emergency survival guide” for knitting problems. The

Meet the Croquis

Amy was writing about a design she’s working on, and linked to a picture of her sketch which she made from one of the Croquis Family, fashion drawings of standard body sizes (including a women’s petite and plus size drawing).

Poetic Convergence

In honor of Groundhog Day, Selma (she’ll be seven in March) wrote a poem. (There was a 2-hour delay this morning because the folks in Maryland forget how to drive even if there’s too much talk of snow.). It also

Stranded with Crochet

stranded crochet Originally uploaded by plainsight. When Hannah proposed a Knit Along called I thought it would be a great excuse to practice my stranding techniques. But when she said there were no rules, I got it in my head

A Yarn Over

Yesterday, I was teaching my class of middle schoolers, and I was describing an increase, “now you do a yarn over,” when one student piped up… “A yarn over? Is that, like, when you knit too much the night before?