Comfort Food

I’ve been thinking about food more than yarn today, and it seems that what we eat is on the brains of more than one knitter these days. Stephanie can’t get home from the store without her lettuce freezing, Hannah had

The eye of the storm

Selma Making a Snow Angel Originally uploaded by John’s and Amy’s Dad. Things have been quiet here because a WHOLE WEEK of snow days (caused by things like icy sidewalks, no plows to clear school parking lots, not actual snow

"What are you DOING here?"

Comfy Crocheted Sock Originally uploaded by plainsight. That’s what Walter, the owner of Adega Wine Bar, where SSK, (Silver Spring Knitters), meets, said when Debbie and I walked in. It was sleeting a little outside… Carol also appeared a few

Sneak Peek Monday

Alpaca Silk Scarf Originally uploaded by plainsight. Here’s a bit of what I finished over the weekend (while battling the ever increasing barage of viruses weilding their way through my neighborhood, no less!) It’s a little one-skein scarf for Amy

Behind the Scenes at Knitty Gritty

Amy on Teevee Originally uploaded by such sweet hands. Cecily was an awesome friend/host/tour guide while I was in LA for Knitty Gritty–she’s posted a set of pictures on Flickr of the filming and hanging around back stage. She also

In the mail today…

0208071707.jpg Originally uploaded by plainsight. The new Interweave Knits in its redesigned loveliness (including a fantastic piece about Camel yarn from Mongolia), some swatching balls (merino with beads, silk with sequins, yum!) from Tilli Tomas that came in the most

Sweet Shrug

shrug front Originally uploaded by Erin Bee. Erin Bee has crocheted the Sweet sweater as a cute shrug. I may have to try this version myself. I I love how the sleeve caps fit her shoulders just right, and she’s

Doris Chan Top

Doris Chan TopOriginally uploaded by plainsight. On Monday night, I was teaching a crochet class and one of the students wanted to make this top (The Abydos Vest from Amazing Crochet Lace: New Fashions Inspired by Old-Fashioned Lace), so I

Crochet Rescue

We have some great thrift stores near my house… When I go, I often find myself rescuing handmade items. I share this penchant with Jennifer Hansen who wrote a great essay about it in the book Hooked: A Crocheter’s Stash

Google Reader

I have a new favorite tool–it’s Google Reader. I’ve been using it to keep up on blogs for the past few days, and I like it better than any other tool I’ve used (like Bloglines or Net News Wire, etc.).