Yesterday, I was teaching my class of middle schoolers, and I was describing an increase, “now you do a yarn over,” when one student piped up… “A yarn over? Is that, like, when you knit too much the night before? Like, oh, man, I’ve got such a yarn over!”

In other news, I’m contemplating reorganizing my stash. Like Robyn, I’ve been doing lots of swatching for book projects, and I’ve decided it would be useful if my yarn were organized by weight. Right now, it’s by fiber content. I have kind of a wierd stash. It’s more like a collection. With the exception of the yarn I use for teaching, I don’t have large quantities of any one yarn. I have a ball of this and a ball fo that. I keep it on hand so I know what it’s like and I can swatch with it if I’m considering using it in a project. And, when I’m designing, I often think about the weight of the yarn before the fiber content so I’m hoping this re-org will be helpful. (It should also give me the opportunity to de-stash a little. There must be some balls in there I just don’t need. Like maybe my collection of various types of twine. Then again, I love knitting and crocheting with stuff from the hardware store, so those may be hard to part with. I may need to take a trip to the container store. Dont’ you think more bins would help? That always helps. me. procrastinate. starting.

A Yarn Over