I had a knitting dream last night. Do you ever get those? When I’m learning a language intensely, or I’m in a play, and I dream about it, I’m always quite pleased because it means I’m seriously obsessed enough to get the job done. My brother has programming dreams. He dreams answers to his math and computer programming problems. It’s brilliant. My friend Hilary (who I haven’t convinced to start blogging yet, but she has fallen for my suggestion to sign up for the time suck that is Facebook), says I knit in my head all the time (like to work out the construction of a thing before I actually start on it). But I don’t usually do it in my sleep.

I should have been dreaming how to work out intentionally dropped stitches from the top down, but I wasn’t. I was dreaming that I was in a college knitting program (if only), and my teacher, a guy, was coming around to inspect our work. When I pulled my shawl out of the bag, of course I had no recollection of starting it or what we should be doing. The teacher grabbed my work, and complimented me on some aspect of it, then said–“I’m surprised you’re not farther along by now.” Doh.

The shawl itself was stockinette, it increased in the center à la Seraphim but with seed stitch running along side the center increases and purl bump rows on the right side every so often. I had started it using some orange tape-style yarn on an obviously too big needle. I had just decided to rip out and start over when I woke up. So I have no idea what the interesting lace part of the shawl would have been. Yet perhaps I do, because there’s an edging in a Harmony book that I was particularly attracted to last night, right before I went to bed.

Don’t forget that today is World Wide Knit in Public Day. The kids and I are going to Glen Echo park to meet up with whoever shows. I hear there’s a carousel there, so we’re excited.

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Stockinette Dreams