This morning, Selma dug her knitting out of the closet, packed her camera in her bag, and we all headed to the co-op to gather picnic supplies. There, we met Hilary and bought humus, tabouli, chips and other goodies.

Glen Echo park was an amusement park in its hay-day. You could get there by trolly from DC. Much of the art-deco architecture has been preserved and the place has turned into an artists colony/children’s theater. When we arrived, the carousel hadn’t opened yet, but we found out there would be a puppet show, so we bought tickets and went to meet the knitters.

Selma hadn’t worked on her scarf/doll pillow/whatever she wants it to be today in a while, so we reminded her how to knit and two seconds later, off she went!

The puppet show was a great break from the heat–it was a Trial of Goldilocks–was she really responsible for the damage at the Three Bears House?

By the time we got out, there was a line at the carousel, but a few minutes later, that had subsided. We thought it would be fun for someone to actually knit on the carousel, and Selma nominated herself for that job. (I was surprised she was so into this whole thing because, this morning, when I told her about World Wide Knit in Public day, she said, incredulously, “Uh, mom, I don’t think that’s a very important holiday, ’cause, you know, I’ve never heard of it.”

Here she is warming up:

Here’s the real deal:

Here’s Jay enjoying his first-ever carousel ride:

On his wrist is my old watch, which he’s taken possession of, and calls his “few minutes,” i.e. “When are we going to the park, mama,” mother looks at watch and says, “in a few minutes.”

In case you weren’t convinced that Selma was really knitting on the carousel. Here’s a video, courtesy of my cell phone:

That’s it! We’re home now, but we left plenty of knitters and crocheters looking like they were planning to hang for a while. I’m going to go up and try and figure out what to do with the mess of veggies I received this week in our new CSA box my friend Kim signed me up for.

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World Wide Knit in Public Day