Back in May, just before leaving Maryland, I was asked to record some instructional crochet videos for a small startup company called Monkey See that’s making how-to videos and posting them online. The videos are finally up, and although I have a hard time watching myself, you may find some of them useful. A Tangled Skein graciously agreed to be our hosts for the filming; I love the backdrop of all the yarn. Emily came along and was a big help with setting up and crocheting little “step out” pieces.

Here’s the Introduction:

There are videos on:

Crocheting a chainless foundation

Crocheting linked stitches

Crocheting ribbing and attaching single crocheted ribbing (great for folks who are making the Sombrero tea cozy).

Making post stitch ribbing

Crocheting crossed stitches in my favorite method.

Crocheting V Stitches

And three clips on crocheting in the round:

Starting with a chain

Starting with an adjustable ring

Increasing in the round

I’m looking forward to referring folks to the videos in my patterns since it’s sometimes challenging to succinctly describe a new concept with just words.

Monkey See