I was helping a friend make the diamonds and shells scarf today when I noticed an error in the beginning of Row 3:

Instead of “Ch 5,” it should read, “Ch 1, sc, ch 4”

Also, Angela was having a little trouble interpreting the end of Row 2, so I re-worded it to be clearer, after the semi-colon, you may substitute, if you wish:

“end with sc, ch 2, dc all in last ch-sp.”

Angela is making the scarf in a variegated silk from Art Yarns, and it looks so pretty.

By the way, I’ve added a button to the individual blog post pages, that creates a print-friendly page. If you click on the title of a post from the main page, you’ll see the print icon at the top of the page.

Diamonds and Shells Scarf Errata