The new e-book from Straight from Today’s Designers has just been released and I have a pattern in it. The book is Strapped for Bags, Volume 3. This e-book has 7 designs from some of your favorite designers including Doris Chan, Marty Miller and Vashti Braha, and it’s a bargain at $10.00. It comes in a tidy little PDF that allows you to print out only the pattern you’re working on at the time and is full of color pictures and clear instructions.

Bag Open 2

Bag Closed

The series is a collaborative effort. We all edit one anothers’ designs and Amie Hirties who is a graphic designer extraordinaire (in addition to being a super crochet designer) designed the books.

Bag-Strap Side

I designed this bag with a crocheter in mind. It’s large enough to hold a medium-sized project-in-progress and the bag stands open when the closure is undone so you can leave yarn inside and work out of it. The bottom is a sturdy single crochet-rib, and the straps and draw-string closure are done in one piece so the bag is automatically adjustable to any sized wearer. Sling it over one shoulder or two, you’ll find it easy to carry and fun to make and use.

Oh, and in the spirit of Havi, who likes to share when her computers have a mind of their own, here’s what flickr came up with when I was searching for the pictures of the backpack:


That was Jay, aged 18 months in his backpack. Of course, at 4 1/2 (gasp!) he no longer rides in anything, which is at once more and less convenient as I’ve been thinking of how to retrieve him from school by bicycle. It must be time to train him to ride the trail-a-bike!

New Pattern: A Crocheter’s Backpack