Transforming Nature Exhibition - Etherow Park, compstall, England
Attribution License by art makes me smile

Are you working on any transformative works? If so, please consider showing them off on Fair Use in Art and Craft Day, May 1st.  When you’ve got something to show, post it to your blog, to facebook, and too our flickr group. Meanwhile, you can read a little bit about what inspired the celebration.

If you’re looking for inspiration, you might want to visit Creative Commons. Creative commons is an organization that has created licensing options for authors, artists, crafters, makers, etc. that go beyond simple copyright to allow specified forms of creative reuse. You can read a lot about what the licenses are on the site, and you can learn how to apply them to your own work. Also, there’s a great search engine on the web site that allows you to search for other works that have been licensed to specifically allow your use of them in your own work. The engine searches Flickr,, google, yahoo and music sites. (Some other web sites, like flickr allow you to specify various Creative Commons licenses when using their internal search engines.)

I’ve been caught up with a bunch of little projects and haven’t worked on any specifically transformative works…yet…but I’m still musing on it, and expect to have something to show on May 1st. Today, however, I transformed some sparkly roving from Pagewood Farm into a hairpiece for a wig-themed party I’m going to tonight. Pictures to come, certainly.

Fair Use in Art and Craft Day is Coming Soon
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