So here I am blogging instead of finishing up the remnants of dishes from the book club I hosted yesterday. (More on that, and my boston cream pie in my next post).

On Saturday night I got to go to a charity event here in town called Dressed to Kill, this year, raising money for our local community center. It is a women-only party. The theme of the year was Wig Out, to be interpreted as you like. I knew I wanted to do something with wool (big surprise) and I dug in my fiber stash to find some suitable materials. I was lucky to find a hand-dyed “fiber puff” from Pagewood Farm. This puff was perfect because it had wool and mohair, locks and combed and included bits of nylon sparkle as well. It would have made a very nice yarn.

To begin with, I crocheted a little mesh cap that would serve as the base of the wig.

Wig Base

Then I began adding the fiber, by just poking bits through the holes.

Wig in progress

The inside of the wig was beginning to look like thrummed mittens. I think that if the wig got any substantial amount of wear it would probably felt  on the inside. Not leaving anything to chance, I went at it with a felting needle to give it a bit of stability.

Looks like Thrummed Mittens inside

And that was it. I attached it to my head with bobby pins, and added a bit of hair spray for good measure.

Kristy, Amy Pam

The party was tons of fun, there was dancing, good music, fancy wig-themed drinks and lots of great getups. One of my favorites was Mary, who made her wig from feather boas.


Yes, I believe that's an actual wolf.Angela's watch matches her hair!

Yes, that really is a wolf-skin. (Guys weren’t allowed at the party until 11pm and could only enter if they were wearing wigs as well).


I loved the candy head-pieces made from chicklets and lolly pops that served as centerpieces.


You can see all my pictures on flickr, Kristy’s are good too. On facebook, Mary has some fun ones.

Wigging Out
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