My friend Becca (rav link), who grew up in Valdez, Alaska, and who modeled these socks for me helped me pick the name. Landlocked Bay is just around the corner from Cordova, and it used to have a big coal mine, so the beaches are black. Becca said that when she was a kid there was a huge anchor on the beach there.

Landlocked Bay Socks

Crocheted from the toe-up, these socks offer durability with a single-crocheted toe and heel as well as softness and stretch by crocheting in the back-loop for the body of the sock. The arch increases are placed within the anchor design on the front of the foot, and the sock offers lots of opportunities to customize the fit.

Landlocked Bay Socks

One of the fun things about this sock is that even though the heel is what is traditionally called an “afterthought” heel, it is actually worked before the ankle of the sock. That way, if you were unsure of how much yarn you had, you could make the feet of both socks and then just use up as much yarn is left on the ankles making them as tall as you needed to.

This pattern is going to be available as part of a small booklet that I’m working on with Marliana Bird that will be distributed by Bijou Basin Ranch to yarn stores and on their web site. It’s also available as a PDF download now. And, if you’re in Portland for Sock Summit, you can find it at the Bijou Basin Ranch booth.


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New Pattern: Landlocked Bay Socks