On Wednesdays at the Net Loft there’s a Knitter’s Night Out, and in the summertime, often the store offers a mini-class you can choose to take. A couple of weeks ago it was a pretty lace washcloth with a lavender pattern that the owner, Dotty designed. And tonight, I’m teaching granny square necklaces. I was inspired by the granny square necklace seen on the Kootoyoo blog, so I created one out of pearl cotton with beads worn as a diamond. Here’s the class project:

Granny Square Necklace - 3

We’re going to start out making it in one color of variegated floss, then, when everyone is more comfortable crocheting with thread, we’ll do a three-color version, everyone can trade floss for their various rounds. It should be fun. Folks will leave with a few necklaces as well as the steel hook and floss to make more.

Granny Square Necklace - 1

I’m also going to have a crochet chart of the basic granny square and explain how to read it. I’m hoping this will demystify everything a little. I created the chart today in illustrator–I feel like a bit of a clutz with illustrator, but I do enjoy using it. I just need to spend more time with it. I’d love to take a class at some point. For now, I just depend on everything taking me 3x as long to do.

Granny Square Necklace - 2

Teaching Grannies
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