Are you a list maker? I love making lists and crossing things off lists. (I’ve been known to add just completed items to a list just for the sake of crossing them off). I also love paper and pens. Every year I agonize about getting a calendar/planner because most of the time, I end up not using it. I’ve finally realized that what I really like is a big book to make lists in–with a calendar in it for convenience.

My favorite planner until now is the Quo Vadis TextAgenda. It’s a small paperback book sized planner with a full page per day. It has a durable faux leather cover. It also has lots of useful little details, and it hasn’t changed since I first discovered it when I was studying abroad a million years ago in college. (They also make blank books and I carry one around as my sketchbbook). Unfortunately, I don’t make notes every day, and I find with the page a day format, I’m wasting a lot of pages.


This year, I decided to do something different. I found a notebook I liked, and then in the beginning of the book, I added calendar pages. There’s a little software program called DynamicTemplates that allows you to print out calendar pages just for this purpose in all different sizes. I used some leafy paper I had stashed, and I’m using a binder clip to make it easy to flip from the calendar section to my listmaking section.

Planner Notebook

I like how the notebook is spiral bound so there’s a place to put the pen. This particular notebook also has graph paper and a little pocket in the back.


I know there are lots of much more creative handmade planners out there (You can see a bunch on flickr, but I was able to put this together in an hour or so, and now I’m actually using it, lots.) Alright, time to go cross blogging off of today’s list.

Book of Lists