“The Three Musketeers” is what Dotty, who owns The Net Loft and taught this class called us when she sent me this picture. My friends Becca and Pam and I got together on Friday morning to learn how to create patterns in lace and texture on the rigid heddle loom. We ended up spending all day working on our little tweed plaid bags. We got the weaving done, but I still need to line mine and make a strap and sew it all together. I’ll post finished photos when I’m done. I really like the rigid heddle loom because it’s small enough to put away when it’s not in use and Dotty taught us a warping method that’s relatively fast and easy.

UPDATE: Here’s a picture of Becca beginning to warp-it’s a bit of a dance, but it does simplify the process quite a bit.

Dotty's Crazy-Easy Warping Method

James bought me one for my birthday which I still need to oil and assemble, but it’s just like the looms we were using here in the class, from Ashford. We used Jo Sharp Tweed yarns-the colors are great and the yarns are very soft, and soften considerably with washing.

Weaving at The Net Loft

What I didn’t notice before seeing this picture is that all of our yarns matched what we were wearing that day!

Three Musketeers
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