Recipe: Lentil-Pecan “meat” loaf

A few folks on Facebook took issue with me calling this dish “meatloaf.” (They were not vegetarian, ironically). I usually call it meatloaf because then people know what I’m talking about, and “veggie loaf” just doesn’t sound very appetizing. (Have you noticed that loaf is one of those words that starts to look strange after you stare at it for a while?) You can decide for yourself what to call it. My family called it delicious-even Jay who usually sticks to eating PB&J or spaghetti enjoyed dipping bits of it into ketchup. I made it because I was walking by The Cordova Café and saw a sign advertising “Cold Meatloaf Sandwich,” and that sounded so good.

Tools right at hand

I recently made a châtelaine. Dotty at The Net Loft had a class on pattern darning, and this was the project we worked on. I had never heard of this great little tool, a belt, of sorts that you wear

My Grandmothers, pioneers of creative re-use

Sitto, (my mom’s mother) was a big fan of smock-style aprons. I like them too–they have pockets, and cover the whole front of you. I have a small collection of my Sitto’s aprons, and my mom does too. I find

Make the Tassel of Your Dreams

I guess I still have hats on the brain. I’ve been trying to finish a lovely lace shawl, but it’s a little slow going, and I got sidetracked on Wednesday. It was James and my 14th anniversary, and I wanted

Winkin: A New Hat to Knit

Well, this hat actually isn’t new. It’s been in the wholesale catalog for the Stitch Cooperative for some time, but somehow I didn’t realized I never released it as a retail pattern. So here it is! I designed this pattern