Daisy Apron

Sitto, (my mom’s mother) was a big fan of smock-style aprons. I like them too–they have pockets, and cover the whole front of you. I have a small collection of my Sitto’s aprons, and my mom does too. I find simply wearing them can sometimes help me channel some of Sitto’s domestic ability. Some of the aprons Sitto made herself, and some she brought back from Okinawa when she went there in the 1960’s to visit my Uncle Jack and Aunt Carole who were stationed there with the Air Force.

Yesterday, I got another one in the mail from my Grandmother Jean. I recognized the fabric immediately even though I may not have seen the apron before. Grandma sent a note with the apron:

“I thought maybe [this apron] would fit Selma and she would enjoy wearing it, knowing where it came from. It really came from some kitchen curtains I had made out of two old bed sheets. Sitto also made me a casserole carrier from the same curtains and I made a zillion napkins of all sizes so the material has been in the family for a long time and served us well. It needs some buttons replaced and I’ve included the buttons in one of the pockets.”

So this is the third incarnation of those particular bed sheets.  It kind of makes you regret ever throwing anything out, doesn’t it? I think I’ll go sew on those buttons and see what else I can mend.

My Grandmothers, pioneers of creative re-use