Book Review: Reversible Knitting by Lynne Barr

I looked forward to getting Reversible Knitting: 50 Brand-New, Groundbreaking Stitch Patterns because I’m a big fan of Lynne Barr’s book Knitting New Scarves. Lynne’s innovative and clever approach to knitting continues in this book. The book begins with a

Tis the Season for snow, and gifts!

Yesterday we got a huge dump of wet, wet snow, the city almost shut down which is saying a lot for Cordova. The snow removal machines (And James who seems to be constantly shoveling our BIG driveway) have had a

Christmas Crochet-Along: A Flurry of patterns – Days 14-18

There’s a bit of a flurricaine going on outside. That’s what my friend Sascha calls it when it’s snowing and also blowing 40+MPH winds. So, in honor of the dramatic weather I’ve decided to deluge you with ornaments. I seem

Christmas Ornament Crochet-Along Days 11, 12, 13

Well I missed yesterday, and I’ll be busy tomorrow too, so I’ve piled up a few ornaments to keep us busy in the moments we do snatch to crochet. For yesterday, crocheted mittens: Today, some quick hearts–these are fast and

Christmas Ornament Crochet-Along Day 10: Angel

I like the simplicity of today’s ornament: this little Angel from the Fave Crafts web site. I spent my crocheting time today working on a gift, so I’m falling a wee bit behind on my ornament making. How about you?

Christmas Ornament Crochet Along Day 9: Candy + A Cookie Recipe

Today while I was teaching at The Net Loft, the young girl whom I had taught to make snowflakes last week came back. She’s gone snowflake crazy–she’s made garlands and a table runner, having figured out how to attach the

Christmas Ornament Crochet Along Day 8: Teeny Sweater

I love this teeny sweater ornament by Mary Jane Wood suggested by Elora in the comments. I especially love the little hanger. I keep wanting to make several of each of these ornaments, but I’m restraining myself to one or

Christmas Ornament Crochet Along Day Seven: Ice Skates + A Book Review

I’m going to The Net Loft tonight for knit night. I’ve been running errands and doing housework all day, catching up after the weekend, and I haven’t picked up the hook, but tonight I’m going to make these little skates

Christmas Ornament Crochet Along Day 6, a stocking, and a Recipe

Today was James’ birthday, and he asked for carrot cake. I spent part of the afternoon browsing through recipes and came up with a mish-mash of things I wanted to try. I was inspired by this recipe here, among others.

Christmas Ornament Crochet Along Day Five: Danish Hearts

When I was a teenager, we had a Danish exchange student stay at our house. He brought some fun Christmas traditions, and he taught us how to make danish paper hearts. When I was a junior in college, and living