When I was a teenager, we had a Danish exchange student stay at our house. He brought some fun Christmas traditions, and he taught us how to make danish paper hearts.

Christmas Paper Hearts
Christmas Paper Hearts, from Flickr User Ebygomm, Creative Commons

When I was a junior in college, and living in Paris, Morten invited me to come spend Christmas with his family in Danmark. We made marzipan candies, and placed wooden shoes out at Christmas Eve, and we danced around a lighted tree. Christmas in Danmark is magical. I thought today I’d try and crochet some Danish hearts. I found a pattern, which I’ll use at least as a starting point.

Speaking of Scandinavia, the Swedish festival of Santa Lucia, their winter festival of lights is coming up on December 13th, so we’re making some Swedish press cookies today as an early celebration. (We need to do anything we can here to celebrate the light–we have blue sky today for the 5 hours of brightness that we got, it was lovely!)

Christmas Ornament Crochet Along Day Five: Danish Hearts