A few weeks ago, I was in our local little fabric store picking up some pretty silk/cotton fabric that my friend Jenny was going to sew into a dress for Selma. I do not have a good relationship with my sewing machine. I think about those VW commercials from the 90s where they talked about “farfegnugen,” which I think was defined as “the union between car and driver.” Well, this is the opposite of how I feel with a sewing machine. It seems like more of a battle.

However, I while I was picking out fabric, I saw a bag on the counter that used these amazing GIANT grommets to thread the handles through. And Diana, who owns the shop says casually, “oh, yes, I’m offering a class in this bag–it is so easy, just two squares. I’m sure you could do it.” I was drawn in by a grommet.

But, on Sunday, we had the class, and what do you know? I actually DID do it!

New Bag Made at Sewing Class on Sunday - 02

Picking out the fabric maybe took as long as the sewing. Of course there was all the cutting and pinning and ironing too, which made the very full class run a bit long. But in the end, we all had bags. I wish I had pictures of the others because they were all different and all amazing. I did get a bit more comfortable with the sewing thing, and learned a few cool tips, like using masking tape to help get straight lines when top-stitching. A revelation!

New Bag Made at Sewing Class on Sunday - 01

Now that I have the bag, I love a lot more about it than just the grommets. I love that it stands up by itself, and I love the size–it’s a perfect knitting bag. The straps can be held together over one shoulder or long across the body, which is my preferred way to carry a bag–I’m less likely to set it down and leave it. and when you’re holding it that way, the strap acts as a closure too. It’s a clever design. The pattern, by Debbie Bowles, is called “Wallet and Grommet” because there’s a wallet pattern that I didn’t make along with the bag, and it’s from Maple Island Quilts.

It was all because of the grommets
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