St Patrick's Cowl

I made this crazy cowl yesterday while working at The Net Loft. I imagine that if a leprechaun wore a cowl it might look a little like this. Of course this one is so huge, it might swallow a leprechaun whole! I used two strands of a single-ply puffy yarn and a size P hook, following the Yorkshire Cowl pattern from the Lion Brand web site along with my friend Becca who made a more subdued version in blue. We finished them in under 45 minutes. I figured if I decide it’s to crazy for daily wear, I’ll recycle the yarn for another project.

I also made Irish Brown Bread in honor of the holiday which was made with molasses and turned out quite yummy. It is supposedly an Irish granny’s recipe. I substituted whole wheat flour + wheat bran for the flour and soy milk + lemon juice for the sour milk. Last night a friend suggested that St. Patrick’s day would be more fun as a week-long celebration instead of just one day. I think I have to agree!

If a leprechaun wore a cowl…