Brrr! It’s chilly if you run outside without a coat, which is what I just did to snap a picture of the fog on the lake. The light is dim here all day right now, so the photo doesn’t do justice to how pretty it is.

Fog on Lake Eyak

I finished my school work for the semester and we’re getting into the holiday mood around here. Last night I went to my friend Erica’s house to make paper wreaths out of old books. It was quick and easy, and the results are pretty. You wouldn’t hang this wreath outside, but it looks nice indoors especially if, like Erica, you have a non-white accent wall. I don’t since we live in a rental house, so I hung mine on the back of the front door. I like the idea of text showing up in unexpected places. If you’re worried about destroying a book (gasp!) you can usually find one at a thrift store that already has a damaged spine or binding. (Or maybe you already have a broken book lying around your house).


Erica found a tutorial for the wreath on a craft blog, but we didn’t end up using it, since the process is pretty self-explanatory: cut paper into leaves, hot glue onto foam wreath form, et voilà! I used pinking shears and tried not to be too orderly about it. The other ladies’ wreaths look a bit more symmetrical, but that’s not my style.

Starting to get crafty for the holidays: make a wreath from an old book