Monday Haiku

  taps on my skylight mist hangs on backlit feathers does he want to come in?   It’s still National Poetry Month! I had to drop out of the 30/30 challenge, but I’m diving back in for the last few

Doing thing backwards, Music, and National Poetry Month Day 7

Today my poetry prompt was to write a reverse acrostic. Acrostic is a type of poetry where usually the first letter of each line ends up spelling out a word or phrase. This prompt breaks the rules a little (I

National Poetry Month, Day 4. Trolling in my notebook.

We have this book called The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice. It’s like an almanac of poetry prompts. Today’s prompt asks you to dig through your journal or notebooks for inspiration. So I trolled through the little

Will National Poetry Month wake up this sleepy blog?

Is this thing on? I know this has been a rather quiet blog over the past year or so. I’ve been wanting to blog, but not just about fiber stuff. My creative work has been focused a lot on writing,