We have this book called The Daily Poet: Day-By-Day Prompts For Your Writing Practice. It’s like an almanac of poetry prompts. Today’s prompt asks you to dig through your journal or notebooks for inspiration. So I trolled through the little moleskine in my backpack and grabbed phrases I liked. Can you tell that most of the notes in this notebook are from writing workshops I’ve taken lately?


What I mean to say is,
Sentiment demands
A clear eye.

Unscripted moments.
The act of omission.

Lay your hand on the page,
and see what feels hot.
Seduce your subject.

If anyone asks you
to smoke with them,
say yes.

The mind’s a fine
and private place.
A map of misreading.

Writing is not a refuge.
I can see that you are.
You’re better than this.


National Poetry Month, Day 4. Trolling in my notebook.