Jake and Roxy

Today my poetry prompt was to write a reverse acrostic. Acrostic is a type of poetry where usually the first letter of each line ends up spelling out a word or phrase. This prompt breaks the rules a little (I love breaking the rules) and puts the “secret” word or phrase at the end of each line. It’s harder for me to think of words that end in a given letter rather than begin with one. The challenge is fun, and Scrabble came to my rescue.

Tonight is the first night of the 40th Annual Alaska Folk Festival. Folk fest is a week jam packed with music, far-flung friends visiting, late night jams, dances and little sleep. I wonder how much poetry I’ll be writing in the next week. I know I’ll be getting some crocheting in while I sit and listen to music. That’s a good thing, I have a deadline for my Knitty column coming up soon.

What I have is really just an attempt rather than a finished poem, but in the spirit of the 30/30 Poetry Month challenge, I’ll share it here.

Music Tonight

Voice intermingles with voice and with
The sound of fingers on a
String. Heads together, lean in closer,
Listen to the strum,
And the sound of the piano,
Find the note that rings when
He sings. You fly.

Doing thing backwards, Music, and National Poetry Month Day 7