I awoke with the voice of Leonard Cohen today, and resisting all urges to record a new voicemail message, I’ve been laying low, working on Juneau Fine Arts Camp, and catching up on all the Internet I missed while traveling for the theatre. I’m also planning on knitting the slippers I’ve almost finished, and reading.

The book that’s been languishing on my Kindle is Fates and Furies. I enjoyed the book last fall when I started it, but just fell off the novel-reading wagon. Here’s a preview. I’ve just learned that I can put these in the blog. Let me know how you like them.

Kid One is traveling for school, and Kid Two is home because of parent teacher conferences, so it’s a relaxed day, and being sick seems like a luxury, especially on a Friday when I have a weekend to catch up on the rest of life, laundry, and lists.

Tower of Song