Yakity Yak

Yakity Yak Originally uploaded by plainsight Coming very soon–a new knit baby hat pattern. This is the adorable Lars from my neighborhood–I grabbed him at our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt and got permission from his mama to use him as

Yarn Party and Podcast!

If you are in the DC Metro area this weekend, consider stopping by the Takoma Park Community Center on SUNDAY Saturday (Thanks, Cici!) afternoon for the Homespun Yarn Party: What: Yarn Party! Check out local yarn vendors, sit and knit,

Thrift Store Sewing and Embroidery Kit

Thrift Store Sewing and Embroidery Kit Originally uploaded by plainsight On my last trip to the thrift store I found this dated, yet adorable kit, and couldn’t resist, even tho’ I”m not a fan of sewing. This cute apron pattern

A Knitting Machine-turned lampshade

Nadine Sterk, Sleeping Beauty, 2006, Design Academy Eindhoven, Atelier. Jeff Werner notes that when he saw this lampshade that contains a slow-working knitting machine, he assumed it was designed and produced by a guy. Jeff says on his blog: “I

A little bit of crocheting to do…

A little bit of crocheting to do… Originally uploaded by plainsight So, the pile you see here is only the yarn that needs to be crocheted before the end of the month… And maybe that’s not all of it. Beyond


As soon as I saw the PlushForm, I was already collecting ideas about how to use this new fun craft material–a “plushie blank,” ready for any kind of make-your-own-toy project. From the company’s press release: Plushform is ready to go

Emily’s Birthday Brownies

Emily’s Birthday Brownies Originally uploaded by plainsight Last Thursday, we had a little crafty get together in honor of Emily’s birthday. I tried to find the brownie recipe I had come up with last summer, but it may have gotten

Decrease Stitch Markers

Look at these adorable hand made stitch markers I got on Etsy from Girl on the Rocks. They have decreases on them, so they’re a fantastic way of marking your socks or lace patterns.

Fair Use

Theresa over at Knitting Underway has been wanting to make the St. Brigid sweater from Alice Starmore’s Aran Knitting for some time. The problem? The book is out of print and used copies cost about $250. Luckily for Theresa, she