As soon as I saw the PlushForm, I was already collecting ideas about how to use this new fun craft material–a “plushie blank,” ready for any kind of make-your-own-toy project.

From the company’s press release:

Plushform is ready to go right out of the box. The stuffed and sewn DIY plush has a water-based primed surface making it extremely smooth and suitable for practically any medium. Acrylic, oil and spray paint, pencils, pens, markers, watercolor – whatever you want. The Plushform shape is stuffed just right, making it soft enough to feel like a plush toy, but firm enough to make drawing and painting comfortable.
It’s the balance of Plushform’s materials and shape that offers everyone the best of both worlds. The unique canvas-like skin is an ideal surface on which 2D artists can illustrate, while its 3-D shape and manipulability via sewing, applique and numerous other additive methods encourages alteration and sculptural creation. Sew on extra limbs as needed. Deconstruct and reconstruct parts. Glue on shapes and other objects wherever you want. You can even buy multiple Plushforms and sew them together to make something entirely new. The possibilities
are truly limitless with Plushform.

The form is set to retail for $20 and other shapes, may follow this first one.