If it’s Thursday it must be thrift day!

My grandmother would be so proud, even when I go to the thrift store, I wait until things are on sale. My last trip produced some great practical items as well as some that are just fun. First off, I

Prairie Style Afghan

Prairie Style Afghan Originally uploaded by The Crochet Dude I love this afghan by The Crochet Dude. It’s published in Creative Home Arts Magazine. The moment I saw it, it shouted Frank Lloyd Wright to me–and I see here on

A Recipe: Spaghetti Pie

I like to think of it as “cheater lasagne.” I love lasagne, but I’m too impatient to make it–all the steps of layering and making sauce, precooking noodles, etc. Using leftover pasta, and pre-shredded cheese, etc. makes this recipe suitable

The Color Book of Felted Crochet

I haven’t talked about my book projects in a while, well, because once you’re done with the writing and the editing and the proofing and the re-proofing, all there is to do for a little while is wait. Both of

Half Crazy Sweater now available for your crocheting pleasure

I had such fun making this sweater–it’s a super simple construction–four rectangles that when assembled drape and fit just right. The front and back panels are worked sideways and the pretty side edges form the neckline and hem (think minimal

Crocheted Cropped Cardi

cropped cardi – take 2 Originally uploaded by sitesbystacey Stacy, over at My Hand Found was inspired by my Blue Sky Cropped Cardi and designed her own crocheted version–I love it. When you check her blog, you’ll see she also

Eva’s Shawl

Eva’s Shawl Originally uploaded by my projects I absolutely love this shawl by Milobo. It looks amazing in the subtly tonal lace-weight yarn she uses. Crocheted with internal increases (three of them) it should hang very nicely off the shoulders.