Nadine Sterk, Sleeping Beauty, 2006, Design Academy Eindhoven, Atelier.

Jeff Werner notes that when he saw this lampshade that contains a slow-working knitting machine, he assumed it was designed and produced by a guy. Jeff says on his blog: “I was also surprised it was made by a woman. I suppose my sexism assumed the technical machinery of Sleeping Beauty (and any steampunker or techie would like this one, including its RadioHead fridge-like buzzing) meant it was created by a man. My friend, a girl, countered: it’s knitting, of course it’s by a girl.”

Selma and I wondered what happens when the lamp shade reaches the floor. It would be cool if you could incorporate this concept into clothing–a sweater that knits itself while you’re wearing it?

[via Boing Boing]

A Knitting Machine-turned lampshade