Test Pattern

Check out this vest crocheted by cheryl (ravelry). She says in her Ravelry project page, “I love the looks I get from those who remember what this is.”

Do you Tweet?

I’ve been loving Twitter lately. Many months ago, my brother (my arbiter of all things geeky-cool) got me to sign up, but I went a long time without understanding why he liked it. Then, when the number of people I

Recipe: Pear Custard Bars

We’ve had four dry days here–and a little sun each day, which has been a wonderful change from the previous several weeks. Yesterday was particularly glorious–people really appreciate the sun here. Selma’s third grade teacher made sure the kids had

Monkey See

Back in May, just before leaving Maryland, I was asked to record some instructional crochet videos for a small startup company called Monkey See that’s making how-to videos and posting them online. The videos are finally up, and although I


Last week I taught the first of a two-part beginning crochet class at The Net Loft, our local yarn store. They were quick learners and lots of fun to work with. When I suggested that we make a baby hat

The Language of Weather

I’ve now lived in 8 states. It turns out different regions of the country have different ways of describing the weather. In upstate New York, where I grew up, we were rather pessimistic about the weather. Throw a bunch of

Soup’s On!

Selma loves soup, and I find it a great way to sneak in healthy things that kids aren’t always excited about eating like beans and greens. We get a wonderful box of produce each week from a CSA farm in

Rain keeps coming…

It’s rained for about seven straight days here. Not just sprinkles, but hard, driving rain. Even the long-time locals are complaining, saying this is the wettest, coldest summer they can remember. Yesterday, I couldn’t even see across the lake to

The Cat (or, rather sweater) is out of the bag

Since the Fall Interweave Crochet preview is now out, I can finally post my own pictures. I grabbed these snapshots in a hurry as I rushed to get this sweater mailed in under the wire this spring. Kim, who does

Dyeing with Mushrooms

Last week, the small town of Cordova was obsessed with mushrooms. It’s prime mushroom hunting season, and the annual festival was held. Mycologists from all over the country made the trek and we had a “mycoblitz” to try and identify