I’ve now lived in 8 states. It turns out different regions of the country have different ways of describing the weather. In upstate New York, where I grew up, we were rather pessimistic about the weather. Throw a bunch of clouds up, and you’re apt to hear that it’s overcast. What in Utica, NY would be called “partly cloudy,” however, would be called “partly sunny” in Seattle. Seattlites are inherently optimistic. On a mostly cloudy day, you’ll often hear weather announcers talking about “sun breaks,” actually announcing little moments when the sun will be peaking around the clouds. Up here in Cordova, they have a different name for sun breaks. They call them “sucker holes.”

Today, after two full weeks of no sun, we had a little right in the middle of my walk to town, and sucker hole or not, it was enough to brighten my day.

Catching Up

Today was a day of catching up–my studio/office is finally set up and a nice comfortable place to work.

I spent the morning formatting some patterns that have been finished since June–so the pattern store should have an update later this week.

A while ago, when I was still buried in boxes and not blogging, I got a lovely package from Emily. Before I left Maryland, she offered to make me some socks. So we went to A Tangled Skein and I bought a skein of Neighborhood Fiber Company sock yarn (hand dyed by local DC dyer Karida) in the Logan’s Circle colorway. The other day, they came.

I love the simple garter rib pattern; it lets the hand-dye really shine, and the socks are a perfect fit. Thanks Emily!

The Language of Weather