In Travel Limbo

I’m in travel limbo. I got back from a week-long trip on Sunday, and we leave tomorrow for a month. I feel like I’m moving stuff from one suitcase to another. But really, there’s a lot more to it than

And the projects get tinier and tinier…

Is it spring that’s giving me the attention span of a gnat? I’m not sure, but luckily, I’ve been finding projects to match. Rachel over at CraftZine posted a link yesterday to Kootoyoo‘s blog-where Kirsty shows a very pretty granny

Instant Scarfettication

Yesterday I was teaching at The Net Loft when I had one of those strange convergences whereby the need for something springy to wear (brought on by a bit of rainy weather) and the urge to crochet a quick project

Selma’s Tummy Treat Gingerbread Recipe

Selma was home from school today recovering from a stomach bug, and by evening she was feeling better and looking for something yummy to eat that wouldn’t be to hard to digest. She requested gingerbread, and this is what I

May Day Contest Winners

Congratulations to Betty Crowther and Juliann the winners of the Get Hooked book giveaway. I’ve e-mailed you both to get your addresses. Happy Monday!