Felted Nuts

Selma’s 2nd grade musical was last night, it was called Nuts and was about the life cycle of a nut–Selma’s music teacher, Ms. Bruner did an amazing job herding the almost 150 students on and off the stage as they

Regina’s Brain

Brain ShawlOriginally uploaded by ladylinoleum Oh my–I love this shawl–Regina says: “Using a US size 6 steel hook and size 10 cotton thread (approximately 3000 yards) I created this brainy shawl. Took me about a month and a half to

Finished Foliage, catching up…

Finished Foliage Originally uploaded by plainsight I actually finished this hat in the evening after Thanksgiving. It was a quick knit, made quicker by the fact that I omitted the last lace repeat and just lengthened the ribbing a little

DIY Amigurumi Greeting Card

Greeting Card – Amigurumi Owl Originally uploaded by Pepika Pepika is selling a hi-res image that you can print out as a greeting card. She has two images featuring crocheted amigurumi on a background she illustrated. I love the idea

Sewing our way through Project Runway

On Saturday night, after the kids were in bed, my mom and I decided to catch up on Project Runway, at the same time, we had a little sewing of our own to do. Mom had offered to make me

New Natural Crafts Magazine

Living Crafts magazine has just hit the newsstands. It’s a new magazine with a focus on crafts made from sustainable and recycled materials. The theme of the first issue is crafts for kids, and its full of fund projects with

Finally, a good use for fun fur…

Holiday crafty craziness is well underway, and while I recover from a weekend full of visitors, you can enjoy this x-mas tree from Maryse. [via] While we’re at it, and because I had advent calendars on the brain all day

Bringing Back Smocking

Clover USA is always coming out with fun new crafting tools. Last night I got an e-mail from the about a new product called Smocking Stickers. Apparently, you put the stickers on the fabric where you want to do the

And the winner is…

One day late, I know folks, I’m sorry–somehow Monday passed by without my notice, and I thought it was Monday all day Tuesday. But anyway, the winner of Knitting Nature is…. Amy of Amy’s Babies! Amy has recently knit a