Book Review: The Knitter’s Book of Yarn

It’s not often that I find books that I know I’ll hold onto for a long time–real reference books that I can refer to frequently and use as a valuable resource in my crochet and knitting. Clara Parkes new book,

More Needle Felting

Selma and I were wondering if we could create a little being out of only felt. This is our first attempt. I’m sure more will follow. We used random bits of roving and fleece I had lying around. The head

Local Craft Bazaars in and around DC

I’m trying to buy handmade for those gifts that I’m not making this year. My biggest challenge seems to be children’s gifts. I’m looking for interesting toys and games, things that are not just another wooden truck or name puzzle.

New Pattern: Selma’s Shrug

This shrug isn’t new–in fact it barely fits Selma now, I made it when she was four. It was the prototype for my Alpaca Silk shrug, and I’ve just now finally written up the pattern. Made from one skein of

More Reclaimed Sweater Crafting

The result of this project Selma is working on is a top secret gift, but she’s also discovered the usefulness of my thrift store sweaters and is applying her considerable needle felting talents to the secret task. Oh, and after

Handmade Gift: Craft Kits

Julie, over at SkaMama has a great post on creating your own craft kits to give as gifts. Julie teaches a lot of kids’ craft classes and is full of fantastic ideas.

Lara Miller San Francisco Trunk Show

If you’re in San Francisco this Saturday, consider checking out the Lara Miller trunk show at Azalea Boutique. I interviewed Lara for a recent Veg News article on sustainability in fashion. Lara uses exclusively plant materials in her designs and

Thrift Store Re-fashion Step One (or two)

Thrift Store Re-fashion Step One (or two) Originally uploaded by plainsight I bought this fair isle sweater at the thrift store (it was huge). I had planned on felting it and making pot holders out of it, but when it

Lizard Gloves

lizko Originally uploaded by me si I love these lizard gloves that Flickr user Me Si crocheted. I haven’t seen many with half-fingers like these. She stitched in the front loop only which gives a more flexible fabric to the

On a Dare…

Says die-hard knitter Jennifer: Dared by [Amy], I have made a crocheted item! Saw the shop model at the store (A Tangled Skein), and liked it, so Amy dared me to make it. And I have! I think I will