On Saturday night, after the kids were in bed, my mom and I decided to catch up on Project Runway, at the same time, we had a little sewing of our own to do. Mom had offered to make me thermal shades for our playroom which is not insulated, and gets very cold:

Thermal Shades

I used blanket binding and d-rings from my stash to raise and lower the shades which are just hung with expansion rods because we didn’t want to do anything crazy like get out a drill…

At a the Sugar Loaf craft fair, one of the few cool booths was True Blue TC Collection–hand dyed indigo fabric and things made from it. I bought a yard of fabric and I stitched it into PJ sacks for the kids–in a vain hope that perhaps they’ll put their pajamas away instead of strewing them about the floor. I’ll add them to my mom’s usual night-before-christmas present of new pajamas.

PJ Sacks
Sewing our way through Project Runway