Living Crafts magazine has just hit the newsstands. It’s a new magazine with a focus on crafts made from sustainable and recycled materials. The theme of the first issue is crafts for kids, and its full of fund projects with a decidedly waldorf-y focus. There’s a cute snail made from beeswax, a town to felt, and a birthday crown to crochet (They’ve actually posted a free pattern for the crown on their web site.

The magazine has a conventional feel–it begins with product recommendations–but they’re cool eco-friendly products like strong, non-toxic kids glue and bio-degratable needle-felting foam, but continues with columns like “Soul Craft,” which in this issue is about creating your own prayer beads (and she uses “prayer” in an ecumenical sense), I love the line, “The alchemy that turns ‘beads’ into ‘prayers’ is simply the intention behind their creation and use.

This issue has a cute baby doll top designed by Suss Cousins (for adults), and the back of the magazine holds a directory of natural craft supplies. I’ve already subscribed, and I’m looking forward to future issues.

New Natural Crafts Magazine