More Reclaimed Sweater Craft

The result of this project Selma is working on is a top secret gift, but she’s also discovered the usefulness of my thrift store sweaters and is applying her considerable needle felting talents to the secret task.

Oh, and after several days of cleaning and organizing, I’ve finally reclaimed my Studio as a workable space. It started to become a storage area during the crazy Summer of Book Writing, but now it finally has useable space.


The project you see on the couch is one I started in 2004. I had completely forgotten about it. It doesn’t have much left to do, and it will become a Christmas present. How’s that for planning ahead?

Look, my work table actually has workspace:


But most dramatic is the pile in the back room that’s now destined for Value Village:


I’ve resolved not to renew many of my magazine subscriptions because I’m not one of those folks who actually use back issues. I’ve gotten rid of lots of craft supplies, books and yarn, but probably held on to too much. The yarn is the hardest. I can’t let go of the feeling that I’ll need it someday. But looking it all over periodically and re-sorting it does let me know what I have, and its given me some ideas for gifts.

Today, with a clean office I was able to blast through my to do list, including some things that had been on the back burner for ages, like renewing my passport which is due to expire next spring.

More Reclaimed Sweater Crafting