Candy Canes, Chocolate, and Coconut Oh My!

OK, I blame Julie, who commented on Twitter about making peppermint fudge. She got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Hannah Kaminski, who is, not only a designer of adorable crocheted amigurumi, she’s also the author of My

How Do you Know A Crocheter Lives Here?

Wreath Wrap on Flickr – Photo Sharing I love this wreath adorning the door at designer Robyn Chachula‘s house!

Diamonds and Shells Scarf Errata

I was helping a friend make the diamonds and shells scarf today when I noticed an error in the beginning of Row 3: Instead of “Ch 5,” it should read, “Ch 1, sc, ch 4” Also, Angela was having a

The Elusive Chocolate Wafer Cookie

I don’t know if you’ve ever decided to make a yummy looking recipe and realized that it had “chocolate wafer cookies” as an ingredient. They are a tasty simple cookie, that I think used to be readily available in stores,

Alpine Frost Scarf Preview

The Interweave Crochet Winter preview is up, and I have a simple little lace scarf pattern in there. (Does it seem like I was in a scarf rut this spring? Really it was all coincidence that I designed three in

Tea Time?

Orange scones on Flickr – Photo Sharing!. How about a recipe? I’m planning on slowly moving the recipes from my languishing food blog over here, since I see no reason to keep the two separate anymore. I developed this scone

A little Inspiration

Right now, I’m in what I think of as the doldrums of my crochet book–the exciting beginning stages are over–I’ve done the creative work of coming up with the designs and choosing the yarns, sketching, swatching. And while I do

Dear Space: Please Look After These Bears, Thank You

Out of this world: British teddy bears strapped to giant weather balloon pictured at edge of space | Mail Online These little teddies endured -54 degree temperatures and a ride into near-space on a weather balloon, but they survived due

Diamonds And Shells

I designed this scarf for the new Luxury Yarn One-Skein Wonders book from Storey Publishing, edited by Judith Durant. The book came out last month and I recently got my copy. I also got the scarf back which is a

Magic Mountain

Last night when Selma asked to watch some TV I suggested that she might instead want to choose something out of her craft basket and finish it up. She found this punch-needle embroidery project that she had started during a