OK, I blame Julie, who commented on Twitter about making peppermint fudge. She got the idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Hannah Kaminski, who is, not only a designer of adorable crocheted amigurumi, she’s also the author of My Sweet Vegan, for which she created delicious recipes and rocked the photography. Oh, and did I mention, she’s still in college?

Anyway, I had not scheduled any time for holiday baking this week even though I knew I really wanted to fit it in. Then, after hearing Julie tweet about the fudge, I read the recipe, and decided it would be a pretty quick treat.

It was! After they cooled, I packed up pieces up to give to friends and neighbors.

Since I was going to be messing up the kitchen anyway, I dug out my chocolate chip macaroon recipe and made a batch of those while the fudge was cooling. They, too, got packed up.

We kept a few of each out to sample, but I plan on making more cookies and treats when we get to San Francisco next week and I’ll have access to all of my favorite baking staples.

Candy Canes, Chocolate, and Coconut Oh My!